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Welcome! This blog is dedicated to Justin Timberlake, the President of Pop. Follow on weheartit: justintimberlakeking.

Who are your 5 newest followers?

kayy46 emaccckkkreich1027,   jalenlee123,  and  edizzle626 :)

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But you deserve all the kindness in the world! :)

oh my God, how sweet you are! Thanks again :)

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You're so nice ♥

thaaank you <3

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Who or which blog that you follow is your favorite? Or is there more than one?

Oh there’s so many blogs that I love! yoshi413, unusualjt, shivermejtimbers, timberbiel, jus-tim, hydroponic-candy-jelly-bean, timberfeels, welovejt, jtfanforever1, justintimberlakepresident, fyjtimberlake, deluxe-timberlake, fuckyeah-jessicabiel, thelegendaryjt, jt-my-love, adoringtimberlake, handsome-timberlake, timberlakeinfo, justintimberlakecentral, tbtnjt and others that I love too <3


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